Passion speaks not just to the enthusiasm we share for the premium quality brands we represent but equally to the commitment to transfer that same level of committed brand ambassadorship all the way down the line to the consumer.  This effort requires putting together solid marketing programs with creative force and vision, refreshing them and always looking for new evangelistic opportunities to share our passion.


Product is really the expression of the people behind the product - their values and care – the way in which they support their families and connect with broader communities.  We enjoy the very good fortune ourselves in working with clients whose aspirations include not only producing standout specialty foods, but also a commitment to doing so in a meticulous, thoughtful and sustainable fashion for themselves, their communities and their retail and food service partners.



Patrick Bleck is the founder of Specialty Food Sherpa established after 20+ years in specialty food distribution with Eurobest/DPI where he held a

variety of positions including National Director of Specialty Cheese, National Account Manager and most recently Director of Independent sales.  He is active in the American Cheese Society

and is a CCP recipient, a member of

the Guilde Internationale des Fromagers

and has served on the board of the  Cheese Importers Association of America.


Placement is all about finding the right venues to bring the greatest level of exposure and value-enhancing long term growth for our clients, locally, regionally and nationally.  This requires strategic thinking, opting sometimes for the less immediate return in favor of a longer term trajectory worthy of legacy brand building.